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Hello, I was in San pancreatitis this week a train north, before the train was to leave I went to the men that there was no one I was in the stands, as this young man about 18 came, he has coild been anywere but he was standing next to me and unzipped and pulled out a large hard on it! I looked up and smiled Now had started up and then keep bags and started shaking me, of course, I did the same to him, I said, I have to go Ive got to take a train after he said I can, but I would have liked, which is sucked dry ! # with which I embarked on the train a few minutes later the train came in with his mom and dad and his girlfriend ! I sat frankoppermann site well during the trip, he looked at me and he was massaging his penis in his pants under the table ! I sat with my peliculasxgratis dick hard as a stone I got up and went to the buffet bar for coffee and of course I followed, he suggested we go to the baths, and we had a busy and 3minutatives of the suction is so friendly all the cum shot all over the place that was very vocal when he sat down to say it was laright of their fellow travelers, but had to return to London the next day, and he in train days 15 27 wow, that was my train passed the next day at the station again in the Lords, I and this young man standing there masturbating good thought, but I was running late, so I got on the train after 10 minutes got off the train to see if he could find it peliculasxgratis in the very seat sitting in his own so I sat beside her and put my jacket peliculasxgratis over my lap soon had his hands on my pants and then leaned over and sucked me all i shot loads worth it, she drank every drop if the WWE came peliculasxgratis to London, I asked if I would return to his place that he and the other two guys who always for anything fun were shared so went to peliculasxgratis Notting Hill, when we got there ethe other two boys were, dies gorgeouos Mike was about to20 very good shape with a big cock with foreskin big games I've retired ! tim 26 was a little on the chubby Siad but with a very thick and heavy I peliculasxgratis mean! Hahn the 4 of us stayed with some grest fun seems, travels almost every week and always have someone to a bloody orgy of pleasure so if the next week on the sixth 10 men go that can meet Peter bat penis....
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